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Welcome to
The Healing Group

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The purpose of The Healing Group is to expose, inform, advise, and assist Persons of Color in their path to healing. For generations, there has been a negative stigma attached to mental health.  The reason for high rates of depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues rests with the negative stereotype attached to it. This directory provides the public with experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate mental health professionals of color who can offer individualized therapy and counseling. 


With advances in technology, no one is at a loss for seeking or receiving help. Our clinicians offer telehealth which allows the client to be remote and still be able to move forward in the counseling process. It is our goal and our wish for you to live a positive and healthy life. Don't wait until you become overwhelmed, depressed, and/or unhappy to change the way you live.


Don't just exist! The Healing Group is here with A Hand to Heal. A Hand to Help. 


Our Professionals

Our network is composed of mental health professionals whom possess knowledge and experience working with a human's inside as well as the outside.


Licensed Professional Counselors are trained individuals who focus solely on the counseling and psychotherapy portion of healing. Licensed Social Workers are also trained in counseling and therapy; however, they are skilled in working on issues on the macro and micro levels of society. Hence, these individuals are able to connect to and find resources for others in need Our Helping Professionals are those may be certified and work with clients on setting goals, formulating plans, providing mentorship, setting weight loss goals, and/ or dealing with the effects of trauma and knowing how to proceed after a difficult event. 


Members of The Healing Group do offer a sliding scale for those who need therapy and assistance in healing, but their finances are limited. Please reach out if you need help. 


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